• Eleanor McCoy

A New Dress Code Comes to Columbus High

A new school year brings many new changes, and one here at Columbus High is a new change in dress code. Here in Muscogee County, the district outlines a clear set of restrictions that apply to all schools. Anything affiliated with gangs, hate speech, and obscene material (such as haircuts, clothing, belts, or other insignia) is banned throughout the entire district.

However, each school can create their own dress code, then submit it to the Board of Education for review. At Columbus High, there have been several changes to our dress code. Some of these changes include rips and holes in pants must be lower than mid-thigh; and the three finger tank top rule is no longer present, they must only cover the shoulders.

One of the most notable changes was a change in the requirement for dresses, skirts, and shorts length. In previous years, they had to be no more than three inches above the knee, but there is a change this year. For the 2019-2020 school year, skirts, shorts, and dresses must reach the length of mid-thigh, as do shirts worn over leggings, in the front and back

“I see more girls wearing shorts now, and I think that is great considering how hot it is.” Senior Fayre Khalique says in response to the new changes, especially in the heat of summer.

Another change this year is the change in strap requirements. In previous years, tank tops could be worn, but only if the straps were three fingers or three inches across. This year, the only requirement is that the tops of the shoulders must be covered, and also that boys are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts.

For the 2019-2020 school year, consequences for dress code infractions range from a number of offenses. This year, if parents bring a change of clothes for a first-offense, students will still receive detention. For the second offense, students receive one day of ISS, third- two days of ISS, and the fourth offense results in four days of ISS.

When asked about the new changes to school dress code, sophomore Eva Cheraisi had some mixed feelings. “I think some of the new changes are beneficial, but also some make it harder to find clothes to wear to school.”


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