• Ashley Thompson

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity : The Grammys

“ applause in 3...2….1…. Everyone applause.” The cameras flash green and the staple stadium is filled with echoes of claps and cheers as the cameras draw closer to Alicia Keys, the host. 

One event that the whole nation tunes into on their television to watch their favorite artists perform and receive awards is the Grammys. This year I was fortunate to go in person and capture the full experience of what the Grammys is all about. 

Everyone remembers the big 5 awards hosted on television, but what most do not know is that nearly 30 awards were given out during the event. Even though songs are a big part of what the Grammys are all about, musicians, producers, and co-writers are also given the chance to win their category in the Grammys. 

The pre-awards show is where multiple awards are given out to mostly songwriters and other singers. I was given the opportunity to sit in the front row and sit with many music producers who cheered on their clients with their awards being given out. One winner of the night who won most awards for the night is known from his sister who won both album and song of the year, Billie Eilish. Finneas O’Connell won a total of 9 Grammys with her sister setting the record for the youngest artist to get the most Grammys since the late 1900’s. 

After the pre-award show, you are taken through a red carpet into the big staple center where thousands all huddled into their seats to watch the performances. As I looked around, I could see millions of flashing lights and everything seemed a blur as people shuffled to their seats.

Before the awards show started, a picture of Kobe Bryant filled the big screens and the stadium went dark. Even with all those people throughout the stadium, it went so silent you could hear a pin drop. A tribute to his death was given in the home of where he became an idol to people across the nation. 

Performances by Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, AeroSmith with RunDMC, Demi Lavato,  and the Jonas Brothers all took place at the Grammys along with Alicia Keys own take on Lewis Capaldi’s song “ someone you loved.” 

After the amazing performances, I went to the after party where many upcoming artists such as Grant Knoke spoke with me about their journey becoming an upcoming singer. One thing I have learned from my experience at this year's Grammys is that opportunities can sometimes be once in a lifetime, and some experiences can allow you to become an idol for others and make a difference in this world, but in order for that to happen, you have to take advantage of the amazing chances you have in your life and hold onto those forever. 


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