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Apple takes a leap with new technology

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

By: Tytana Calhoun

Are you an Apple fanatic? Need clear and visible photos for your senior project? Do you enjoy digital art and want more sharp and consistent images? Are you tired of carrying heavy laptops?

Tim Cook, CEO of the well known company of Apple has recently launched new products that will be available in the Apple store at the end of September.

The new Apple lineup consists of:

The iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro

Macbook Air

Apple Watch Series, 5th Generation

iPad 7th generation

Apple Arcade

Apple TV

Updates to the iOS that will allow for your phone to run more consistently than previous


The new iPhone 11 consists of a dual camera with a wider pixel capacity, making it possible to capture pictures at four times the higher quality such as action shots, landscapes, or even selfies.

You can crop videos and add filters to them all with simple editing with the Photos app. Lastly it comes with night mode, making the harsh bright screens at night more relaxing and easy on your eyes. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with three dual cameras, sharpening the quality to capture consistent action shots.

With the Macbook Air, there have been drastic changes to the display, causing the screen to be more slim and more wide while keeping the facecam at the top of the laptop. The quality has improved to now be 4K.

Additionally, there is a Touch ID to unlock the laptop and has night mode as well, making the keys light up when activated. This makes late night work more enjoyable and less stressful on your eyes.

“These new technologies are also made out of 100% recycled aluminum,” Tim Cook also said to the audience.

These new items can only be pre ordered in the Apple Store as of now, but will be available on September 20th.

For more information:

Who: Apple Inc.

What: Apple Inc., Tim Cook and CEO, had released new Apple products on September 10, 2019

When: Right now, new Apple products are available for pre-order but will release on Apple stores on September 30, 2019.

Where: The keynote videos, describing in detail about what each product, click here.

Images credited to Time Magazine.


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