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Art For A Change

Are you interested in doing art as a hobby? Are you considering doing professional art as a career? Do you want to do your part to give back to the community? Then fret not, Art Club is just the place for you.

Art Club is focused on inspiring youths to use their talents and art skills in a productive way to improve or give back to the community. As part of their Halloween based October meeting, the students decorated pumpkins and the club decorated goody bags to the Boys and Girls Club.

Tyt'Ana Calhoun, the president of the Art Club, told me about how they do STEM projects, community projects, and learn about art careers. She also had this to say about her position and what it all means to her.

“For me, being president of the Art Club means it's more than just creating art. It’s about what I can do for the community relating to art.”

Mrs.Brand is the teacher that runs Art Club with a smile and what I see as a popular catchphrase and motivational saying: “Let’s make art for a change.”

This is not to say that they are never actually working on art. What it really means is that they want to make a change in the community. They have changed the community in so many ways whether it be creating clay bowls that they donated to Britt David which go to Feed The Valley, or by making origami cranes (which are a symbol for hope) and sending them to the children’s hospital.

Mrs.Brand strives to teach the club that it does not have to be money, that you can give out of your talent. If you share these similar beliefs, why not stop by and check things out so that you can help make art for a change.


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