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Ben Schorr's Homerun for Success

Springtime is near and steadily approaching. That brings a lot of excitement and joy here for the students of Columbus High School due to the simple fact that it means baseball season is right around the corner. Baseball is one of the sports here at Columbus that receives a lot of attention because of the enormous amount of success that they’ve had in years past. One person who currently contributes to the team’s success is senior catcher Ben Schorr.

Schorr has been playing baseball since the age of four and from there has grown into the affluent player that he is today. However, his growth in talent did not occur overnight. Ben has spent countless hours training and preparing himself to become the player he is today. He trained under big name trainers by the name of Jordan Collins and Travis Benn both Columbus, Ga natives influential in college baseball recruiting. Such rigorous training and long hours have led to Schorr committing and signing to Auburn University where he will continue his studies while playing the sport he loves as well.

Outside of baseball Ben Schorr is just a regular kid who continuously excels throughout life, school, and even in his hobbies.

Schorr shares, “I have a simple life overall, I love fishing, hunting, and spending time with my family as well.”Schorr has been fishing and hunting since he was quite young and developed a love for both early on.

Being at such a rigorous school such as Columbus High we all can sympathize with understanding how hard it is to maintain the work and grades, playing a sport, and enjoying life outside of those things as well. Schorr is an outstanding example of excellency here at Columbus High School.

His accomplishments are destined to continue as he goes to Auburn University with a D1 scholarship for baseball. “Signing to play baseball at Auburn is a dream come true. I’ve always been an Auburn fan and spent a lot of time in Auburn growing up."

As far as his senior season here at Columbus High school there is much prospected success for both him and the team overall. Schorr states,”I think that we will go on to play in the state championship this year if we keep up all the hard work this season.”

Some of Schorr's Accomplishments:

Perfect Game Underclass All American(10,11)

Under Amour Pre-season All American(11)

USA Baseball National Team Identification Series (9,10)

Varsity Best defensive player(10,11)

Columbus Ledger Enquirer All Bi City (10)

Perfect Game Jr. All American (10)

Prep-Baseball Report's Georgia top ten(10)

4A Georgia Dug-out All State 2nd team catcher

Georgia Dugout club underclassmen top 100

Best freshman Offensive player (9)


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