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The Listress Strikes Again, Just In Time For Prom

Prom. The single most prevalent thought on the minds of high school students. The time where every couple, squad or solo doler come together in solemn solidarity to show the dance floor what they’re made of. This is a time for long eyelashes, arched eyebrows, and peak fashion. On this night, every boy should feel like a king, every girl should feel like a queen and the dance floor should feel like a throne unclaimed.

Of course, this can be a stressful time. Prom attire comes with high costs and no one wants to end up looking like a court jester. Again, I am your listress with the business, here to turn all your prom worries into pumpkins with a whip of my wand. Join myself, Courtney Fortunato, Tyt’ana Calhoun and an anonymous contributor (Anon) for how to make prom a great experience.

Without further ado, here are some major dos and don’ts for the weary promster.

Do: Understand That It’s Not Just for Seniors

"I attended prom my junior year of high school." Calhoun tells us. And who could blame her? Prom is considered to be a major milestone. Everyone wants to get it right. So, there’s nothing wrong with going as soon as the first year (and every year, before you’re a senior) you can, to scope out the cool outfits and atmosphere. This way, you’ll know what to do when it's your time.

Don’t: Wait Until The Last Minute

Calhoun goes on to tell us the tribulations of her junior year prom. The blame rests on the shoulders of one thing: procrastination. “There were a lot of complications as to planning because we [She and her friends] tend to be last minute people.” Prom, as she admits, requires a lot of time and dedication. Calhoun learned this through trial and error. She ordered her prom dress the week before, and the shipping dates were the stuff of nightmares. Her dress didn't arrive until about two days before prom. It was a miracle that it even fit.

The moral to this story is that you can never plan too far ahead. Again, prom is supposed to be a special night. This adjective does not come without careful arrangements. Remember that Murphy's Law applies to prom as well. As Columbus High students, we know best that, as a deadline approaches, more and more things tend to go wrong. (Moment of silence for those who’ve fallen in the face of a printer on the morning of a deadline. Those things smell fear.)

All in all, be sure to check for prom outfits weeks, if not months, in advance. Book your hair and nail appointments a month or more in advance. This goes for reservations too. If you plan to eat before or after prom at a restaurant that takes reservations, make them as soon as possible. I promise you, half the city is planning to eat at that same place at the exact same time as you.

Do: Window And Web Shop

Feel free to say no to overpriced prom attire. Check your options and your bank account. This is where the benefit of early preparation comes in. The earlier you check for dresses and suits, the better variety and chance of the outfit still being there when you come back for it. Plus, the outfit will probably be cheaper if you get it out of prom season.

If you’re worried about where to start, have no fear. "I really like to shop on ASOS,” Fortunato explains, “but Revolve and Lulus also have some pretty cute dresses.”

“For guys,” Anon adds, “Jos. A. Bank has good ones and they'll measure your fit as well.”

There's also Lasting Impressions, Uptown Gowns and David's Bridal. Suits can be found at Men's Warehouse, Celebrate Tuxedos and other clothing stores. Again, be sure to check and watch the prices.

Don’t: Mistake “Cheap” For “Bad Quality”

There’s something to be said about getting something nice for cheap. Fortunato mentions that, in her junior year, she borrowed her dress from a friend. Even if this isn’t your thing, recognize that there may not be a correlation between how enjoyable your prom is and how large a strain your bank account suffers. Don’t be afraid to look for cheaper options. You’d be doing yourself a big favor.

Don’t: Miss Out on Great Memories

It’s silly to abstain from prom entirely just because you don’t have a special someone to go with. “Don’t freak out about not having a date,” urges Fortunato. “Go with a group of friends. “

"Seeing all my friends dressed up and screaming at the top of their lungs,” was Calhoun's favorite memory of her prom. I won’t ignore the value of having a prom date (if only for the pictures) but don’t discount how much fun you can have with a few dear friends.

If any are on the fence due to other reasons, know that prom can be a very fond memory.

Often times, the worst thing is to look back and wish that you’d done something that you decided not to. Milk senior year for all it’s worth! At the same time, understand that you don’t have to go to prom. If dances are not your thing, there’s nothing wrong with staying home and chilling with a nice Netflix show.

Don’t: Try For Perfect

Prom has the potential of being a wonderful night, but constant fixation on every minor detail can turn you into a troll. Fortunato breaks this down perfectly.“Something that can make prom scary is the amount of pressure that is put on the night to make it be something magical."

“I think the beauty of events like this is that you can make it your own.” Fortunato makes an interesting point here. The course of your dance is entirely up to you. You shouldn’t feel pressured to do prom “a certain way” or to “have the craziest night of your life.” She encourages all promsters to be themselves and realize that life is so much more than prom night.

And that it is. Whether you go or not, spend a thousand dollars or merely a hundred, it is just a dance. This makes it one of the simplest and hardest things you’ll ever do. Above all else, prom is filled with possibilities. It can be whatever you make it, however you wish to make it so. Without the stress we add of our own volition, this can be a bit...freeing.


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