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Campbell's Kids For A Cure: A Walk to Remember 'The' Sub

On December 14th, 2019, Columbus High School hosted an event honoring Mr. Bobby Campbell who was known as ‘The’ Sub.

On September 13th, Mr. Bobby Campbell unfortunately passed away at age 72 due to Colon Cancer. The news was a shock to Columbus High School, especially because of everything he did for the school. He worked for Columbus High School for 27 years as an English teacher then continued to serve for the school as a substitute teacher.

Many staff members grew especially close to Mr. Campbell and are grateful for all his help. Laura Solomons shares one of many stories about Campbell and the impact he left for the school, “I remember when the classes used to start at 7:45 AM, the staff had to come to school really early, but Mr. Campbell would wake up even earlier to go to Golden Donuts and buy donuts for everyone and pass it out during the morning meetings.”

Students were also very affected by the news such as Maggie Denson and Makynleigh Roberson; they and many others believe he left a glowing impact to the school.

“Mr. Campbell seemed to always put a smile on my face whether I was having the best or worst day. I always admired the fact that whenever he was subbing for a class he would always make an effort to exchange a friendly hi to those passing in the hallway,” 12th Grader, Makynleigh Roberson, states as she reflects on the memories with Mr. Campbell.

Maggie Denson was especially close to Mr. Campbell and he was a big impact on her life. “I was super close with Mr. Campbell. My father adored him, and they were very good friends from a young age. He was always there for me and so supportive and always kept me in a positive mindset.” She also explains about her travel in order to honor him, “During the day of his walk, I had been in South Carolina for a rodeo and drove to come to the event and show my respect for his beloved family and friends.”

Shortly after Bobby Campbell’s passing, Math Teacher Chris Parker began organizing the event honoring Campbell. The event was called, “Campbell’s Kids For a Cure,” and it was a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Laura Kate, 11th grader and one of the sponsors of the event, put a lot of effort for the big day, “I can’t say for certain how long I spent organizing the event, but I have stayed up long nights working on my spreadsheets and forms.” However, Kate has an optimistic view on the long hours of organizing, “The countless hours put into it were so worth it!”

People donated $25 and received a T-shirt that features a Campbell soup can and the name of the event.

"Campbell's Kids For A Cure"

At 12:00 PM guests were given chili dogs from Cook's and Golden Donuts, which was Campbell’s favorite, then at 1:00-2:00 PM there was a walk around Lakebottom to reflect on the memories of Mr.C.

More than 200 people donated to the event and around 150 "folks" (as Mr.C used to call students) attended the event. The fundraiser made over $10,000 and Powder Puff raised around $8,000. Overall, $18,000 was donated to the American Cancer Society! Mr. Campbell left a positive mark on Columbus High School and touched the hearts of students, alumni, staff, and everyone he has ever met.

“Today’s the day to do all the things you have to do, so tomorrow you can do all the things you want to do” - Bobby Campbell.

Thank you for everything, you will stay in our hearts forever


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