• Avery Sutherland

CHS Senior, Laura Lutz, Uses Her Gift to Help Others

At CHS, everyone is passionate about something. Be it a school sport, academic field, or an outside organization, the student body is made up of unique individuals who are dedicated in their pursuits of whatever talent makes them special. The entire CHS community is made all the stronger when such people share their gifts with the school, the city of Columbus, and the world.

Laura Lutz is one such student. The CHS senior is gifted academically and has been involved in many extracurricular activities throughout her high school years, including National Beta Club, Spanish Club, SADD, and HOSA.

Lutz’s talent extends beyond the classroom, however; she is also a violin player who has been recognized for her involvement in music groups throughout the community.

“I am currently a part of the Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus, where I can play with other wonderful musicians from other schools,” says Lutz.

Balancing the demands of all these activities on her time is no easy feat, but Lutz has picked up a few tricks over the years to help her manage her responsibilities.

“I try to plan out my week beforehand to ensure that I have time to work on everything. I don’t try to get everything done in one day, but instead spread out my activities,” Lutz states.

Through it all, Lutz’s love for music remains strong, and she does intend to continue this passion after high school.

“I hope music is still heavily important in my life in the future, and I hope to continue to use it to help others,” says Lutz.

Lutz is referring to her involvement in “Healing Notes,” a program at Piedmont Columbus Regional in which local musicians like herself use their gifts to bring joy and comfort to patients and families spending time in the hospital.

“I got involved in Piedmont’s music program during my junior year when the volunteer coordinator discovered that I played violin and asked me to take part in their Healing Notes program,” says Lutz. “Ever since then, I try to make time during the holidays and play at the hospital.”

Ultimately, Lutz finds that using her gift to help others brings just as much joy to her as it does to her listeners at the hospital.

“The thing I love about music is that it is able to reach everyone. In a way, it’s a universal language… even with a language barrier, people are able to connect with one another just by music,” she says.


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