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Columbus High School Theatre Department to Perform One Act Play, Medea

Once again, the talented students of Columbus High’s theatre department will be showcasing their work this fall through a One Act play to be entered into the regional, and if all goes well, statewide, competition. This year’s production is a modern interpretation of the classic Greek tragedy, Medea.

Medea is the story of its titular character, a woman who is “larger than life,” according to, Mr. Ginn, who is one of two co-directors. She is madly in love with another of the characters, Jason, and throughout the play, these feelings result in some extreme actions. In this production, Medea will be played by junior Olivia Williams, and her love interest, Jason, will be played by senior Spencer Roberts.

In addition to Williams and Roberts, there are 15 other students who make up the cast, and the majority of them are members of the chorus, a staple in Greek plays.

However, this production will serve as a modern take on the traditional story. 

“Instead of the traditional Greek costumes and classical language, our rendition will be done in a punk style with contemporary language,” says Ms. Clark, who is also the choreographer in addition to her role as co-director. “We are always challenging ourselves to be creative and unique with the way we tell stories.”

Naturally, this kind of innovative storytelling requires the dedication of so many more people than the actors seen on stage, and this is where the crew comes in. As the performance dates have approached, members of the forty-person crew have spent Saturdays working seven-hour shifts assembling the set and preparing the lights.

All of this hard work has also been in preparation for the One Act competition, which consists of a contest at the regional level and then a statewide round entries can advance to.


Per Georgia High School Association’s official rules for the competition, each entry is allowed “55 minutes to set-up, perform, and take-down its presentation.”

This time constraint is another element of the creative storytelling required of plays such as Medea. It is also the reason the competition, and the plays produced for it, are termed “one acts.”

Everyone involved in Medea has high hopes for this year’s competition.

“If we win this year, it will be our third state championship in four years,” says Mr. Ginn.

At the end of the day, however, the most important thing is putting on a good show.

As Ms. Clark perfectly sums up, “Our main goal is always to perform productions that tell a story in unique and creative ways that leave an impression on our audience. Winning a competition is just an added bonus.”



October 17th, 19th, and 21st

7 p.m.

Columbus High School

tickets: $7 presale, $10 at the door


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