• Bennett Stoltz

Coming Home to a New Queen

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Homecoming- the night that high school girls can’t get out of their heads. Typically, the last game of the high school football season, it is celebrated with a dance where a homecoming queen is announced.

Columbus High’s own 2019 homecoming queen, Yesenia Cadavid, gave me the details on what exactly makes a girl royal material-the process and the preparation. “24 senior girls are elected in the first round by their senior peers. The number is then lowered to a mere twelve,” She says. “The twelve make up the females of the “homecoming court.” After this, seniors vote for who gets the crown.

A court position is hardly a consolation prize; it comes with its fair share of perks. There’s a Mother-Daughter Breakfast, at which you get to take a picture with our principal. At the game’s pep rally, you are escorted by a football player and introduced to the entire student body. The energy is high and rising still. Nobody knows who the homecoming queen is until the big moment.

And it is a big moment. During halftime, the energy of the crowd is at a peak. The crowd explodes to heights never seen before when they discover the name of her Royal Highness. Surely, it’s almost every girl’s dream to earn this title. Cadavid offers a piece of advice on how to obtain it: “Be yourself.”

Simple but effective. “If you’ve been a good person for 4 years,” She continues, “ It will genuinely show.” Cadavid’s favorite experience of her reign was the Mother-Daughter Breakfast. “It was fun being on the court and having breakfast and spending time with my family.”

The rest of the royals (Sydney Blackmon, Maddi Carson, Selena Das, Courtney Fortunato, Adlie Green, Isabelle Packard, Samyra Perrymond, Shayla Perrymond, Leila Wheaton, Marcaile Pridgen-White, Paisley Williams) celebrated with Cadavid, welcoming her as the very queenly, very deserving Homecoming Queen. Yesenia “Yesi” Cadavid is proof that no good deed goes unnoticed.


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