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Devils work towards their Resolutions

As you’re likely aware, New Year’s Day has come and passed. With them the Blue Devils have expressed their goals and dreams for the year 2020 through their new year’s resolutions. Some of them have declared desires to change their lives for the coming year while others are starting habits that they hope will follow them through their lives. There are also some of us that have decided not to make or share any spoken dreams.

Regardless, these traditions are considered sacred for some and are just seen as a novelty to others. That’s nice and all, but how many of them are actually following through on their resolutions made just weeks before this publication?

Our first student brought into the light is William Wayman a local junior and member of the Beta Club. Will here has decided that for 2020 he wants to become a healthier person both physically and socially. As a result, he has begun to eat less junk food and prioritize healthier snacks like apples. He has also decided to dedicate more time to his friends so that he can grow socially as well.

Now although he claims there is no problem with his schedule, Will does question how well he will be able to keep up this habit in the coming year. When asked if he had any words for advice for others struggling with their resolutions, he had this to say.

“The key is that you have to keep at it. You have to keep going at it until you make a habit out of it.”

Our second student interviewed is a senior and a member of The Blue Streak, Eleanor McCoy. Eleanor struggles with organization and cleanliness so she has expressed a desire to become a more neat person. She has started by tackling the issues of laundry and too many open computer tabs. To fix these problems Eleanor has put her own cleaning policies in place: “If I find something interesting I'll copy and paste it to another page.”

One big issue that she’s run into is struggling to keep up her clean habits and dealing with college applications. She hopes that picking up this habit now might help her in the future and for years to come.

These goals between the two of them are very relatable and achievable with the right mindset. Wanting to become cleaner or wanting to grow healthier are both admirable goals and still challenging tasks no matter how you look at them. So what resolutions did you make on New Years? Have you stayed true to them?


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