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First basketball game of the year!

Now that the football season is over, Columbus High school students have now turned their attention to the upcoming basketball season. The first official basketball game is Friday, November 22nd here at CHS with girls starting at 6 and the boys following right after.

The Lady Blue Devil players are; Abigail Brown and Kayla Hamilton who are both seniors, Zakhirah Smith, Alexis Day, and Darien Bowman who are juniors, Summer Saunders, Amelia Owens, Niyuna Robinson, Mya Thompson, and Justice Walton who are sophomores, and one freshman who is Jirah Perrymond.

These ladies are ready to start off the season strong, after many weeks of conditioning. The varsity girls are ready to put their weeks of hard work to the test at their 1st home game against Doughtery. This upcoming game could be exciting to watch if every blue devil student shows up for support for their fellow Blue Devil basketball athletes.

Coach Lindsey, the Lady Blue Devils basketball coach said, “A successful season for me would be to see the girls push themselves beyond what they think their capable of.”

Coach Lindsey is absolutely amazed at what he seen the girls do at basketball practice, and he cannot wait until the first official game of the season! He is ready for the Lady Blue Devils to “Shoot that ball!” during the game.

The Boys Blue Devil players are; Jeffery Mobley, Jaylen Keonard, Will Briesmiester, Hayes Dykes and A’Kevion Story who are seniors, Gray Voltz, Jahari Jones, Melvin Jackson, Peyton Black, Benn Parker, Sackett Carr, Jashua Jackson, and Trey Walker who are juniors, Charles Stone, Mateo Jimenez, Cordell Jordan, and Gideon Amissah who are sophomores, and Jake Courville who is a freshman.

These boys have been preparing for their upcoming season since the summer. They have been playing summer league and also fall league before the season officially started. This upcoming home game is going to be fun to watch because Dougherty has a good team, but a challenge is something the Blue Devils love to go against.

Two junior starters who are Jahari Jones and Thomas Voltz are excited to play this upcoming game.

“I feel like our team, as well as myself are more efficient as a whole in terms of shooting the ball and limiting turnovers. Our energy is unmatched this year and we are more athletic as well,” Jahari said vividly. He feels like the basketball team improved much more than last year.

Gray Voltz said, “I want to win a region championship and make everyone become better not only as a basketball player but as a person.”


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