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Fun at the Georgia National Fair

The Georgia National Fair has a variety of events, shows, activities, and rides that are perfect for everyone!

Celebrating their 30th year, the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia is opening this fall! The fair has eleven performers, more than 80 rides, and dozens of exhibits and contests that will be open from October 3 to 13.

Besides all of the fun that comes along with the rides, the Georgia National Fair is all about celebrating Georgia and what makes southern living so unique. One way the fair does this is through its Georgia Living Program.

The Georgia Living Program includes home arts, fine arts, educational exhibits, and a writing competition. Talented people from across the state enter their work into the program and get to show off their hard work to fairgoers. Some of the categories for the home arts and fine arts section include woodturning, hand-painted china, floristry, soap carving, baking, and so much more!

The Youth Educational Exhibits and Competitions are done by school organizations where students can compete through exhibits and take part in live competitions.

They also have a writing competition for students in fourth to sixth grade called the Fair Bear Creative Writing Competition. Students compete to win for the best in each grade at their school and then their writing gets sent to the Georgia National Fair to compete against students all across the state. The theme of the contest goes along with the fair’s theme, ‘Family · Traditions · Memories’, where students write a story about Fair Bear and his favorite holiday traditions.

The Georgia National Fair has a livestock show too! There are exhibits and shows for cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, and llamas.

If you want to do more than just watch the animals, you can check out the petting zoo! The entertaining and educational petting zoo has more than 55 animals from across the globe. The fair will also be featuring Nerger’s Tigers. Nerger’s Tigers has Bengal and Siberian tigers from circuses that will perform routines that showcase their agility and strength and will also be exhibited for people to see.

Another exciting part of the Georgia National Fair is the Georgia Grown Pavilion, where fairgoers can shop for locally crafted goods, get new recipes and cooking tips, and see agricultural exhibits!

Georgie’s Farm is a part of the Georgia Grown Pavilion for children 2 to 12 years old. It is an educational adventure where kids can pick produce, learn how to milk a cow through an interactive simulation, and make their own meal from Georgia grown food.

There is also the Georgia Grown Baby Farm where attendees can learn about the birthing process of farm animals, the importance of animal agriculture and veterinary science. You can watch calves and piglets take their first steps and participate in choosing a name for each newborn animal!

And of course, there’s food! From the brand new BBQ Plate and holiday dinner contests to German roasted nuts and Polish sausage food stands, food is definitely not something you can miss at the Georgia National Fair.

According to an interview with Keaton Walker, the marketing director of the Georgia National Fair from WALB 10 News, the fair is well known all across the southeast.

Walker relayed, “Once you go out into the fair world as we call it, you mention Georgia National Fair and they know who we are so we take pride in that and we are extremely proud of our facility, what we’ve done here to stake this name and make our claim as the Georgia National Fairgrounds for the past 29 years,"

With it only being just over an hour and a half away, it is definitely something you won’t want to miss. Make sure to go to the Georgia National Fair this fall to celebrate what Georgia is all about!

When: October 3-13 from 8:00am to 10:00pm

Where: 401 Larry Walker Parkway, Perry, GA 31069-1367

Admission: At the gate: $10

10 years old and under: Free (with paying adult)

60 years old and over: $8

Be sure to check out the official website for more information! https://www.georgianationalfair.com/


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