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Germany and the United States - A Conversation about the United States' Evolving Global Affairs

By: Maggie Fontaine

As the United States’ relationship with Germany and NATO allies become increasingly important, understanding the United States' actions and the factors present on a global stage has become increasingly important. To educate and discuss this topic, the National Infantry Museum is hosting a discussion on NATO alliances in today's security and stability of German - U.S. relations.

This discussion is on Thursday, October 24, from 5:30 pm to 7 pm; the featured speakers are retired General Phillip M. Breedlove and Mr. Thomas Kleine - Brockhoff. General Breedlove is a retired United States Air Force officer who served as the 17th Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. Mr. Thomas Klein - Brockhoff is the Vice President and Director of the Berlin Office for the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

This event is a once in a lifetime chance to understand and be a part of conversations regarding global interactions. Thereby, it allows students to understand and develop their knowledge of the world. It also provides students the opportunity to see the immediate impact politics has on their home and how global politics affect the everyday life of Americans.

After the discussion, there will be a networking reception where students can have face-to-face interactions with expert speakers. This formal event is free of charge to anyone interested. If planning to attend, please RSVP to mbrown@nationalinfantryfoundation.org or call 706-494-3708.


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