• Tytana Calhoun

Goodbye to "Won" of the best teachers!

By: Tytana Calhoun

Young Won, known as Mr. Won was born and raised in South Korea, and is now retiring this year from a GSE Pre-Calculus teacher at Columbus High School. He attended Columbus State University, majoring in Mathematics, teaching young students to understand the importance of mathematics in their everyday lives.

“I've never seen a brilliant math teacher have such a brilliant sense of humor,” Daniel Jones says.

Being a math teacher at Columbus High for 31 years, Mr. Won has learned about the different lifestyles of different students and thankful for the students who have made a huge impact on his life.

“Being around and associated with positive people...appreciate your parents...respect all...and be a self-made person. Do not take advantage of others and be open-minded,” Mr. Won advises young students of Columbus High.

Closing on his last year at CHS, Mr. Won will miss the classroom filled with bright students, and wants to be remembered as the teacher who was surrounded by young people. His teaching and dedication as a teacher and father, lifelong lessons and mathematics, leaves heavy influences in his classes (especially those in his homeroom).


“Mr. Won has honestly been one of the most caring teachers I've ever had… I remember my very first day day of high school where Mr. Won talked to us about how scared we looked and reassured us to not be so nervous and just relax..” junior student Jason Zheng tells The Blue Streak, “ Mr. Won has not only been an incredibly caring and kind homeroom teacher, but a great friend as well. Love ya Mr. Won!”

Mr.Won also owns two Martial Arts Academies, which is located in two places, Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL.

“I’ll miss how he showed so much compassion for his students and also his job” junior Alaysia Brown who is one of his excellent students in his Pre-Calculus class.

In his retirement he plans to play golf, spend time with his beautiful daughter and wife, and travel back to his birth place in South Korea.

Finally, Mr. Won leaves us with his motto:

“Always Straightforward, that is why they call me SASSY Won LOL!”

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