• Avery Sutherland

Introducing Your 2019-2020 Blue Brigade

Ever wonder who the people waving the flags and leading the chants at CHS pep rallies are? For those of you who are new around here, allow me to introduce you to the Blue Brigade, a group of the senior class’s most spirited students. Blue Brigade members head up spirit activities for not just the senior class, but the entire school. While this includes pep rallies, Blue Brigade does so much more than what you see on a handful of Friday afternoons; they also lead the student section at CHS football games, which is no small task.

The 2019-2020 Blue Brigade members are Jacob Ashe, Yesenia Cadavid, Taylor Davis, Maggie Denson, Jade Jolley, and Amiri Sonie. Jade describes this year’s group as “incredibly special” and “close,” stating, “We all just really love each other.” The other members definitely share in this camaraderie! Yesenia says, “There is just so much talent and good vibes within the group and we are all so connected.”

In addition to being committed to each other, these seniors are passionate about CHS school spirit. Amiri wanted to be on Blue Brigade because she loves “support[ing] our athletic teams,” and Maggie is someone who has “a lot of energy and a lot of school spirit,” making Blue Brigade a perfect fit for them. Jacob also describes himself as “always full of school spirit!” He adds, “I want to spread happiness and just have a fun connection with my CHS friends.”

The Blue Brigade is especially excited about the upcoming football season. “We have a few new ideas coming in,” says Taylor. The other members also tease some special moments for the CHS student body to look forward to- Jacob wants students to “look for a lot of OMG moments,” and Jade says there are “a lot of fun surprises for pep rallies” that students should get excited about.

We can’t wait to see what this year’s Blue Brigade has in store!


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