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John can make those weights gone!

One of our fellow Columbus High Blue Devils, John Cutrone, competed in the Georgia State Powerlifting Tournament where he won second place overall. John Cutrone squats 435 lbs, deadlifts 413 lbs, and benches 242 lbs. All of this weight makes it a total of 1090 lbs. Currently, he is preparing for the national Championship in October.

John Cutrone has been on his weight lifting journey for at least three years. He prepares throughout his journey by training three to five days a week at his gym called “Body Evolution” for two and a half hours. He also claims that he has to keep up his diet and eat a lot of protein.

One of Cutrone’s goals is to get the American weight record for his age and division. “It is one tough goal to meet but, hey, it’s something I want to shoot for.”

Cutrone is an overachiever. He knows he can achieve his goals, but he also feels like as he grows older, he will be up against more competitive weightlifters. This is something that Cutrone is willing to face, and he is up for the challenge. As Michelle Obama once said, “The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.”

The biggest people who influenced him to get where he is currently now are his coaches named Coach Robert and Coach Matt, his parents, and his sister.

He has parents and a sister that have been supportive of his actions and decisions since day one. He feels like without his parents, nothing would be possible.

Cutrone states, regarding his parents, “They worked very hard to give me the opportunity to do this.” and about his sister, he says “She has been very supportive even though we live in different places."

Cutrone states about his coaches, “They have a lot of wisdom”.


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