• Trystan Salter

Mrs. Landry, the Enigmatic American Lit. Teacher

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

This year, Columbus High School has received multiple new teachers, after losing many beloved teachers. However, many students get the chance to meet and experience these new teachers, myself included.

The class of 2021 was one of the many classes to be affected by these new teachers. The new Mrs. Landry, however, who teaches Honors American Literature, isn’t entirely new.

Mrs. Landry is the new Honors American Literature teacher for the juniors. Although she may be new to many of the students in the school, many recognize her.

“I have three kids who currently attend Columbus, and a couple nieces as well.” Mrs. Landry explains.

She states that one of her children is a freshman this year, so Mrs. Landry and one of her children are able to experience the inside edition of Columbus High together. She also claims that she knew much of what was going on in the prior years before coming to Columbus because of her nieces, one of which is a new addition to the staff of The Blue Streak.

Mrs. Landry has been teaching highschoolers for 8 years, which is her entire teaching career. She went to college at Ashford University, and then Columbus State. 

Mrs. Landry stated she didn’t intend to go into teaching at first, even though she knew she would excel at it. Her intention was to become a child psychologist. She maintains an interest in that field to this day.

Mrs. Landry explained that when she was little, her mother, who was also a teacher, used to take her to Teacher Work day. Her mother used to have her gather all the other children, who also had teachers for parents, into a separate room.

“I used to give them lessons every time they came in, and they would listen to what I was teaching,” she stated.

Before coming to Columbus High, Mrs. Landry thought that due to its esteemed status, Columbus, and its students, would be very different than the other schools she worked at. 

“I’ve only been here a few weeks, but I really enjoy it here, and I know that the students here are the same as students everywhere, you all have the same desires.

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