• Isabel Kersey

New and Improved ID Rules

Safety in schools has become a pressing issue across the country, as shootings, bomb threats, and general violence happen almost daily. Because of this, all schools face the same question: How can we create a more secure environment for our students? A common solution is implementing an ID program. 

ID badges provide a quick way to identify whether a person is permitted on campus and ensures that someone who shouldn’t be in the building will be identified quickly.

At Columbus High School, ID’s have a means of keeping students and staff safe. However, the rules have become much less lenient this 2019-2020 school year. As per usual ID’s must be used for checkouts in the media center and use of the internet, all ID’s must be worn with a school approved lanyard, and anyone not wearing an ID will receive consequences. The first two offenses you will be given a warning and following that you will have detention up until the 7th offense where you will receive Saturday school.

“I feel like they will create a safer school environment.” says Sophomore Emily Tiner, “We have such an open campus that knowing who everyone is will inevitably keep us safe.”

Many students, such as Emily Tiner, believe that an identification program does, and will keep the school safe from threats that could breach the school. However, others believe that ID’s aren’t enough to keep us safe.

“I think administration could add more security than just ID’s.” says Freshman Angel King, “I feel like they could add card scanners, or other tech security.”

It is clear that violence in schools has increased immensely, not only from outside, but within schools as well. In an effort to curb this violence and unauthorized access at school, ID badges are implemented and are a safe and efficient way to go about it.


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