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New Assistant Principal returns "home"

This school year at Columbus High School, we have received a lot of new faculty members, one of which includes new assistant principal, Mr. McGarr.

His new position at Columbus High School “has always been a part of the plan”, he says.

McGarr started off teaching at Richards Middle School for 12 years and Fort Middle School for 2 years, before coming to CHS. Because he had taught at both Fort and Richards, McGarr reported that he was familiar with a lot of his students here.

“It was like coming home”.

McGarr’s first impression of CHS wasn’t really his “first”. As a former Blue Devil himself, he said that a lot of CHS was the same from when he went here, with the exception of some subtle changes.

He stated “What is now the art room used to be the former gym for girls because the boys and girls had different gyms at the time”.

Although his new position of being assistant principal seems to come natural to a man like Mr. McGarr, he wasn’t always involved with the world of school and administration. Previously, he spent 20 years as a banker. However, he gradually made his way into the world of teaching when several people, specifically Larry Morgan, his seventh grade science teacher, told him that he had a calling for teaching. He credits Mr. Lance Henderson for working hard to get him the assistant principal position next to Dr. Crumbs.

One of the most important lessons he learned from this experience was that “Someone is always watching you, so you always want to do your best when the opportunity comes”.

As a new assistant principal, Mr. McGarr wears many hats. However, his overall job includes maintaining functional facilities, supporting both custodial and maintenance staff, working in attendance with Ms. Ebony, and working with Mr. Housand.

“Everyone has to play their position to make things work, or else everything falls apart”. He also explained that one of his main jobs and goals for this school is to support Dr. Crumbs in whatever he wants to do and make sure that we are able to do what Crumbs wants in order to be successful.

Mr. McGarr looks forward to continuing his first year at CHS with many more to come. Like he says, “It doesn’t matter if you graduated from here a year ago or 20 years ago, once a Blue Devil , always a Blue Devil”.


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