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New Coach, Who This?

The Blue Devil basketball cheerleaders have welcomed a new coach following the resignation of former long-time coach, Ms. Audrey Whitaker. Ms. Whitaker formally announced her resignation on the afternoon of July eleventh via the team group chat and urged the team to welcome aboard their new head coach, Mrs. Dominique Thomas.

The team followed up this introduction with a team dinner at Old Chicago shortly after where Coach Thomas expressed her hopes and expectations for the team as they prepare for the upcoming season. She made it clear that this season, the girls will still have fun, but there will also be discipline. The girls will be presented with many team bonding opportunities to establish trust between not only the girls but with her as well.

Coach Thomas cheered from the age of four throughout high school. When asked what prompted her to step up as a head coach, she responded, "I‘ve always loved cheerleading, and I believe that I am a great leader. With my role as a school counselor, coaching will allow me to further  connect with these young ladies while doing something that I love, and to me, that is a win-win situation.”

When asked, “How are you different from other coaches?” Coach Thomas made it clear that she is different from other coaches because she has a big personality, is transparent, authoritative, loving, is very personable, and she leads by being a good example for her girls.

She stated, “I believe that every person has some talent and an ability to tap into that given talent. My job is not to control my girls, but to meet them halfway and help them progress, grow, build confidence, and bring more school spirit to Columbus High School.”

We at the Blue Streak have interviewed both Captain and Co- captain of the team and overall they feel that this season is going to be one of the best seasons ever and a smooth transition into Mrs. Thomas’s coaching career. Make sure you purchase your game tickets this year blue devils, you’re in for a real treat. 


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