• Arianna T.

Paint the Town Pink

For 10 years now Columbus, Georgia has been participating in the Paint the Town Pink 5k walk/run  to raise awareness about breast cancer and provide assistance for those in need throughout the tri city area.  

This 5k raises money for research and treatments for local women fighting breast cancer with every team and individual registering.

The annual 5k walk/run for survivors and allies will be held on Friday, October 18th 6pm at Woodruff Riverfront Park on Bay Ave. 

The walk will begin with a parade of breast cancer survivors to celebrate their strength and success in beating breast cancer and stretches all the way back around to Woodruff Park where different events are held afterwards. Breast Cancer is a disease where the cells in the breast tissue begin to grow out of control. Breast cancer mostly begins in the ducts or lobules and can spread outside the breast through blood vessels and lymph vessels. 

About one in eight U.S. women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and while women are more prone to breast cancer, “about 1 in 883 men hold the risk of getting breast cancer in their lifetime.”


https://wcgcc.org/paint-the-town-pink/  - (706) 660-0317

https://www.wtvm.com/2018/10/16/guest-segment-th-annual-paint-town-pink/  - (706) 494-5400

(706) 748-2534

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