• Eli Hardegree

Powderpuff 2019

Last Friday, the roles were reversed at Kinnett Stadium. The girls were on the gridiron and the boys cheered them on from the sidelines. This event, known as the annual Powderpuff Football Game has been a tradition at Columbus High for years. With all of its proceeds going to the American Cancer Society to help fund cancer research, this event is the school’s largest fundraiser for charity.

The girls competed in a flag football tournament, each class having a team coached by students. The seniors faced the freshmen, and the sophomores faced the juniors, with the winners playing in the championship.

While the girls competed on the field, the boys put on their prettiest dresses and makeup. The boy that raised the most money through donations from their classmates would be crowned Powderpuff Queen.

The first game of the evening took place between the freshmen and the seniors. Due to their experience and size, the seniors were heavily favored to win this matchup. As expected, the seniors tore apart the freshmen.

Freshman coach Kyle Goodner reflected on the strength of the senior offense, “Going into Friday, I was pretty confident in our defense’s ability to stop them [the seniors], but that senior offense is something else,”.

The seniors lit up the scoreboard, putting up 20 points in the first half alone, and shut out the freshmen 27-0.

The next game, between the sophomores and juniors, saw much less scoring. Defense dominated this game. Neither teams’ offense could answer the dominating defense. In fact, not a single point was scored on offense.

“Their pass rushing really gave them [the juniors] the upper hand. That played a huge part in this game’s decision,” pointed out Ashley Thompson, the sophomore quarterback, “I barely had time to make a pass.”

An early mishandled snap in their own end zone was what ultimately cost it for the sophomores. This safety, along with two controversial flag guarding penalties prevented the sophomores from completing the upset, and the juniors advanced to the championship with a 2-0 victory.

Before the championship, though, it was time to crown our Powderpuff Queen. Four senior boys put on their best dresses and asked for donations around the school last week, raising about $800. Of these four, though, it was Joe Kendrick-Holmes that received the most donations, raising over $450 last week. On Friday, he was crowned Powderpuff Queen in front of a large crowd at Kinnett Stadium. He is not only thankful for those who donated to him, but also his fellow seniors that took donations throughout the week, “It’s something that’s a lot of fun and for a great cause”.

After this crowning, the two winners went head-to-head in the championship. The seniors’ high-flying offense vs the juniors' dominant defense, it was a very anticipated matchup. Taylor Davis, one of the senior coaches, described this junior team as “the best we’ve played against all four years”. On the first drive of the game, the senior defense kicked off the scoring with a pick-six. The juniors responded with a rushing touchdown later in the first half. From there, it was a defensive showdown. It looked like there wasn’t going to be any scoring in the game.

“It really came down to who had the ball last,'' explained Davis.

That proved to be true. On the very last play of the game, the seniors scored to win it all 12-6.

At the end of it all, though, it isn’t about who scored the most points or which boy had the prettiest dress. This was all for charity. All the money raised from this event is going towards the American Cancer Society in an effort to support cancer research and put a stop to cancer.


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