• Natalie Miller

Preparing for the Campbell Relay for Life

Recently in the Columbus High School campus, students, teachers, and administrative faculty have mourned over the loss of beloved substitute teacher, Mr. Campbell. In remembrance of Mr. Campbell, Columbus High has decided to host a Relay for Life celebration. The event is called “Campbell’s Kids for a Cure” and participants can register for the event which will take place on Saturday, December 14th.

Participants can enjoy great food and then enjoy a leisurely stroll around Lakebottom Park. At the event, Mr. Campbell’s favorite foods will be featured: Golden Donuts and grilled hotdogs.

Though this Relay for Life is an exciting way to end the week, it also requires a ton of hard work and dedication. Mr. Parker, one of the event’s main chairperson and organizer, gave me the details of what goes into making this event.

“It’s a labor of love, but there are details in planning, marketing, and most importantly executing great ideas.” Coach Parker says.

The event could not have been completed in a matter of days or even in a matter of mere weeks.

According to Coach Parker, he has spent “an hour per day over the last month” to organize the Campbell’s For Kid’s Walk.

Though the time was strenuous, it will be well worth it. This event will be both heartwarming and bittersweet.

“Students remember happy times when thinking of Mr. C and this is an appropriate way for them to show their respects.” Coach Parker explains.

Whether it is because of Mr. Campbell’s cheerful personality and tenderheartedness or because of a love to display school spirit, everyone has a compelling reason to show their support at “Campbell’s Kids for a Cure” Walk.

Save the Date!

What: “Campbell’s Kids for a Cure” Relay for Life

When: Saturday, December 14th, 2019

What time: Registration Begins at 12:00 pm; Walk starts at 1:00 pm; Ends at 2:00 pm

Where: Columbus High School Cafeteria/Gym and Lakebottom Park

How much: $15 for students; $25 for adults (Will get a t-shirt and food. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society)


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