• Ashley Thompson

Swimming Into the New Year

Columbus High School has many amazing programs and sports clubs that have given a great reputation to how well-rounded CHS students are. One sport is swim. The swimming team consists of hard-working students who this year have won many competitions, and accomplished many individual goals.

While swimming is something most people do in their free time from beach trips, to pools, some Columbus High students take swimming to the next level. The CHS team has been moving in a positive direction according to swimmers such as Macy Sanders and Morgan Trawick. I spoke with many swimmers, and from having friends that are on the swim team, I can personally say that swimming is much harder than it looks, and takes a lot of dedication and focus from swimmers to beat previous times for themselves, and the team as a whole in order to be able to compete in states, or at other competitions. 

Swimmers such as Macy Sanders and Elizabeth Woods shared what their goals have been during this season so far, and what goals they are striving to accomplish in this upcoming new year. 

“So far this year, my main goals revolve around improving my times” said Macy Sanders. “I'm hoping that I will drop enough time to be competitive at states, by getting 5 points so our girls team can get 3rd again.” 

Elizabeth Woods stated that she would like to break 28 seconds in her 50 free and to be in the top 3 for the 100 breaststroke. 

The team dynamics this year seem to be going great for the teams as they have many great memories such as cheering on their own teammates during practices and meets. Elizabeth stated that “Everyone on the team supports each other really well. There's at least 3 people screaming for you at the end of your lane”. 

Many accomplishments such as beating previous times, and qualifying for meets have been made this season. CHS swimmers continue to work toward achieving their goals for the new year.


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