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That Was A Close One: Reverse Volleyball Game Recap

Updated: Mar 2

Excitement whisked through all the grade levels of Columbus High. The news of a reversed Volleyball game created all the commotion. Volleyball players teased their male friends into maybe signing up for it. One by one, each grade level began to put together a team. Everyone speculated who would win. Would the freshmen win? Maybe would the kings of the school, the seniors, win?

At 6:00 pm, the reverse volleyball game began. Students and parents lined the bleachers, the freshmen took up the court first, their opponents were the royals of the school, the seniors. They played the first game of the evening. Hopes were high for the freshmen, they fought hard and long.

One member of the audience, Julia stated in wonderment, “The Freshmen did some pretty cool stuff. They were able to jump as high as the seniors, and they slid a lot, like the sophomores.”

However, once the seniors scored 10 points ahead of the freshmen the odds of them winning began to look grim. The seniors ended up victorious.

While the Freshmen and the Seniors had a close game, the Sophomores and Juniors were even closer.

The two were neck and neck, the Sophomores lost the first round by two points, however the second round they came back with a vengeance. They implemented strategies, they bunted the ball just over the net, making it hard for the Juniors to hit the ball.

The Juniors had plans as well. They passed the ball to the back of the Sophomore team, hoping the Sophomores would pass the ball more than three times on their side, which would cause the Juniors to get a point.

During the breaks between rounds, both teams practiced their tactics. Tensions were so high, a verbal disagreement between the Sophomore team almost broke out over a small misunderstanding in the rotation of their positions.

The scores of the pair were neck and neck, but the Sophomores came out victorious over the Juniors. This led to the final rounds to decide who would be the champion of the game. The battle for champion was another close game.

The Sophomores gave the Seniors a run for their money. Many kids were sliding and diving at the ball, desperate to get it over the net. Many of the Sophomore team ended up with court burn due to their desperate attempts at scoring a point.

It looked like the Sophomores may win. However, the Seniors began to pull forwards. The seconds on the clock began to tick down, both teams scores were only one point apart.

Finally, the tension was broken, the Seniors celebrated as they scored the last point they needed to win. They became the champions of this year's reverse volleyball game.

They swarmed around the trophy, hoisting it up high in the air. Pride was radiating off of the Seniors as the crowd began to cheer.

The score board of the Sophomore and Junior game before the Sophomores won


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