• Bennett Stoltz

The Show That Shall Not Be Named

Band camp. Many people may think that marching bands are just sitting in the air conditioning and tooting their horns, however, the CHS marching band has been working since mid-July to put together "The Show That Shall Not Be Named," a marching band show based on Harry Potter, the popular book series by author JK Rowling. After getting the whole show up and running in the span of band camp (1 week to 2 weeks depending on which section of marching band one is involved with), the whole band was ecstatic to be able to say that it was the first time that something like that had been accomplished in many years.

The band director for Columbus High school and the Blue Devils Marching Band, Mr. Ritchie, is one of the primary forces that push the marching band along with the Color Guard Instructors, Ms. Collins and Ms. McFarland, and the Drum-line Director, Mr. Chris. They have all worked together tirelessly to come up with the show theme this year and to put together the marching show for the 2019-2020 school year.

Mr. Ritchie writes: “This year we have such an exciting and dedicated group of students. I have been impressed with the quick progress that we have made so far this season, and ( I ) look forward to the successes that we will be able to show!”

As the CHS marching band moves farther into the season with more football games and more competitions arising, everyone is excited to show off the show to the student population and possibly get new recruits for the next marching season.


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