• Natalie Miller

Three Cheers for "Time for Three"

In the local Columbus area, deep in the bellows of Room 1719, lies hidden talents that deal with the vibrations of strings, the hitting of drums, the whistling of flutes, and much more.

These activities are done weekly by none other than the acclaimed Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus, who is currently preparing for their upcoming concert in January.

Starting January 6th, the Youth Orchestra will be rehearsing in a professional workshop with musical guest artists, Time for Three. Time for Three, which consists of Nicolas Kendall (violinist), Charles Yang (violinist), and Ranaan Meyer (double bassist), is a classical and pop-oriented string trio that has toured internationally for the past seventeen years.

Now, this famous group is teaming up with the Youth Orchestra for an unforgettable musical performance.

The Youth Orchestra has paired up with various artists in the past, but this group brings a new musical perspective. To find out what this hidden link was, I received an insider’s view on this spectacular mash-up.

“I think it’s different because we get to experience playing with a professional trio, and I think that it will provide a lot of inspiration for kids to continue music,” says Jasmine Tatum, a senior first violinist of the Youth Orchestra.

The playing style of Time for Three also influences how certain players in the orchestra perform or prepare for the concert. Due to the clash of vibrant sounds and striking cacophonies, the players are introduced to new ways to experiment with their instruments.

“I’m changing up my practice style for this concert. I’m mainly focusing on techniques and sound quality," Tatum continues.

This change seems to be beneficial because the progression is notable in the practice videos on the Youth Orchestra Facebook page.

“The students are really working hard and improving, and I am excited to have them work with the guest artists,” says Jim Palmer, conductor and maestro of the Youth Symphony Orchestra and String Orchestra.

With the hard work and dedication given from both the musicians and the guest artists, one can expect an incredible musical performance and a concert that will start the new year with a forte*.

If You Go:

Where: Rainey-McCullers School of the Arts

1700 Midtown Dr, Columbus, GA 31906

Price: $10 per person

When: January 7th, 2020

What Time: 7:00 PM

*forte= loud sound/note


(706) 748-2534

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