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Welcome Back Social

It is finally that time of the year where a day is dedicated to only Freshmen and Sophomores, the Welcome Back Social!

On September 27th, 2019 from there will be a school dance held in the Fountain Courtyard. The dance runs from 7-9pm and it does not require hours of preparation to look classy! You will be able to dance the Cupid Shuffle and get low while doing the Wobble in comfortable (in dress code) clothing.

The tickets for the dance will be $5 in the cafeteria. Fortunately, for those who paid class dues or for a class package, the ticket is already paid for! Do not forget to bring your school ID and wear casual clothes that are in dress code.

For many people, the Welcome Back Social was an amazing experience and a place where memories were made and will forever be close to their hearts.

Sean Mulvany, Columbus High School junior, shares his fun experience at the dance last year.

“The social was surprisingly super fun. I thought it would be boring since it was like a homecoming for only freshmen and sophomores, but i got to hang out with a lot of friends at the dance. I even made new friends while dancing,” Sean laughs while the flashbacks of doing Fortnite dances go through his head.

Another junior, Molly Barr, who attended the dance last year, shared the same experience as Sean and will remember it forever.

“It was actually really fun! I feel like the casual vibe just made it less stressful than homecoming, but just as fun.” She also met one of the most important people in her life now at the dance. “At the dance I also met my now best friend Tiffany! “

The Welcome Back Social is a great opportunity for underclassmen to meet new people and at the same time have fun! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and enjoy the two hours of dancing and bonding with your classmates!

Here are some examples of comfortable and in dress code clothes:


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