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CHS Welcomes Back One of its Own

Updated: Mar 2

This year Columbus High School has lost many of its favorite teachers. However, as we say goodbye to the former teachers, we welcome the new ones with open arms. One of CHS’ many new teachers includes Ms. Brianna Dent, the replacement for former biology and forensics teacher, Ms. Davis.

While this is her first time teaching at CHS, it is not her first teaching job. This is her first traditional job as she taught at Oxbow for three years before joining the Blue Devil family. Ms. Dent also reveals that she too was once a Blue Devil.

“It feels like I’m coming back home. Kids seem happier so I’m happy”.

As a former student here, Ms. Dent had teachers such as, Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Hefner, Mr. Richardson, and Mr. Morgan. Never did she once think that she would be back at her old high school teaching with the teachers who had once taught her.

“It’s a little weird teaching with them,” she laughs. “It’s also good because I already have mentors that know me”.

Dent has adjusted well to her new job. However, this wasn’t always the plan. Before diving into the world of teaching, she was originally pre-vet and on the track to becoming a veterinarian.

She says that she eventually got bored with pre-vet and started exploring other options. In college she tried a class environment and never looked back. Heavily influenced by her grandmother, Ms. Dent decided to become a teacher.

“When I got into education I figured why not go into something I love and always be happy”.

She carries on the torch of teaching Biology and Forensics. She ends up teaching all grade levels at CHS. Although she loves science and likes teaching Biology and Forensics, she definitely has a favorite between the two.

“Forensics is cool, but Bio is my baby,” she chuckled.

Ms. Dent is glad to be back in Columbus. She likes working with the students and getting to interact with them. Being a former student, she has learned to love many things about the school. However, her favorite thing is the “ability to push students to go further than what they can do”.

Many students have already started to develop a love towards her. Ms. Dent looks forward to many years of teaching.


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